In Honor of Moishe Dovid Gisser

On February 18, 2024, the Leyvik House, a Yiddish cultural center in Tel Aviv, held an online poetry evening event dedicated to the works of the Jewish poet, journalist and writer Moishe Dovid Gisser. Hosted by the Leyvik House’s director, Daniel Galay, the program featured three contemporary Yiddish poets: David Omar-Cohen (Amsterdam), Katerina Kuznetzova and Jake Schneider (Berlin).

Moishe Dovid Gisser (1893-1952) was born in the Polish town of Radom and published his first poems in Yiddish in 1919. Starting from 1921 he lived in Buenos Aires, where his first collection of children’s poems Flemelekh un fayerlekh (“Little flames and lights”) was published. Later on, he settled in Santiago (Chile). A recording of the event was published by the Leyvik House on YouTube.