Yiddish Alive at Holocaust Commemoration Week

On January 18, 2024, the official opening of the 10th annual all-Russian Holocaust Commemoration Week took place at the Moscow Nikitsky Gate Theater. The event coincided with the 100th birthday anniversary of Ivan Martynushkin, a Soviet WWII veteran who was among the liberators of the Auschwitz death camp; he was the most honored guest of the opening event.

The Holocaust Commemoration Week is linked to the International Holocaust Remembrance Day (January 27). The events, held under the leadership of the Russian Jewish Congress, are to be continued in all regions of Russia until January 31. Our project’s creator Dr. Mark Zilberquit, the founder of the Heritage Projects Foundation (USA) and Yiddish Heritage Preservation Foundation (Israel), is also participating in these commemorative events.

At the opening evening, guests’ talks alternated with a musical and dramatic performance staged by the theater’s artistic director Mark Rozovsky, which included a medley of Yiddish songs performed by Tatyana Revzina, the musical director of the same theater. We are glad to present her performance posted on Youtube specially for our project. See also below our exclusive pictures of the commemorative events.