Emmanuil Kazakevich’s 110-year Anniversary

The Yiddish-Russian newspaper Birobidzhaner Shtern has published a special jubilee issue dedicated to the life and work of Emmanuil Kazakevich (1913-1962), born 110 years ago. A variety of materials, including new translations of his poetry, appeared in both Yiddish and Russian.

Emmanuil Kazakevich was a prominent Soviet writer, poet and translator who lived in Birobidzhan from 1931 till 1938, where he organized the Jewish youth theater, directed the Birobidzhan State Jewish Theater (BirGOSET), served as the chairman of the regional Yiddish radio, worked as a staff member and the head of Birobidzhaner Shtern’s literary section. Kazakevich also translated numerous plays for the Jewish theater into Yiddish.