Warsaw Testament by Rokhl Auerbach

The American publishing house White Goat Press published Rokhl Auerbach’s memoirs Warsaw Testament, translated from Yiddish into English by the American historian Dr. Samuel Kassow.
Rokhl Auerbach (1903-1976) was a well known writer, journalist and literary critic. During WWII, she played an active role in the secret Jewish organization Oyneg Shabbos (Sabbath Joy) dedicated to chronicling life in the Warsaw Ghetto. It included rabbis, writers and historians who collected an extensive archive of documents.
Almost all of the members of Oyneg Shabbos perished during the liquidation of the Warsaw Ghetto. Auerbach was one of the three surviving organization’s members. The original Yiddish edition of the memoirs, the author’s last book, was published in 1974.